Saturday, January 09, 2010

Le Conchon Dingue

I have to admit I only have a faint idea what Le Conchon Dingue (The Crazy Pig?) means as my French is worse than my Spanish and my Spanish is barely passable.  But we put our name on the waiting list for this restaurant in Old Quebec, told the wait on a Monday night was almost 90 minutes, and decided to run across the street and take the ferry out of the old port and then back.  Of course, because my French is so bad I totally misunderstood the ticket seller and thought we'd make the ten minute crossing, wait for ten minutes and then be back at 6:30.  Wrong.  We were on the last ferry for that paticular line for the night and stuck at the crossing (we never were sure where we were but it was ten minutes by water from the dock which is right below the magnificent Chateau)  for about an hour.  Fortunately there was another ferry back that evening and we weren't stuck where ever we were.

As soon as we landed, we hurried over to Le Conchon Dingue and voila! they were just about to call our name.  The food -- seafood chowder made with local lobster, shrimp and scallops and topped with puff pastry, frites (there are the most wonderful frites everywhere in Quebec often served with mayonaise), chicken Normandy and a killer chocolate cake -- was excellent and worth almost getting stranded.

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