Tuesday, August 03, 2010


We are staying at the wonderful Las Villas Akumal and it is about 10 pm and we're waiting for the turtles to swim to shore and the baby turtle eggs to hatch, which should happen in about an hour.  In keeping with this animal theme, earlier today, after flying into Cancun, we had lunch with Adriana Arriola Mora who moved to Playa del Carmen about four years ago and is showing us around the area. She took us to La Cueva del Chango for lunch and it is the most wonderful, creative place, lots of twisting paths carved out of a jungle like terrain, small ponds with, natch, turtles, large bins of green oranges, an open air kitchen, orchids growing on trees and that creativity that seems to mark so much of Mexico, even to the bathrooms where colored bottles have been implanted  into the stone, making a delightful mosaic of blues, greens and reds. The food is wonderful here and we had shared plates such as shrimp in a cilantro and serrano pepper cream sauce, a poblano pepper stuffed with fresh corn and Oxaca cheese, freshly made guacamole and house made chips and sopes in a variety of sauces followed by crepes with cajeta -- a goat milk caramel sauce and berry sorbetto. One of the owners, Andres Friederich, promised to share a recipe so I will post that when I get it.

Check out their Website: http://www.lacuevadelchango.com/

More about the turtles tomorrow.

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