Monday, February 07, 2011

Roads to Freedom

My good friend Kendal Miller, who is one of the greatest photographers, hit the road for me to take some photos for a story I'm writing for the Northwest Indiana Times on the five Underground Railroad Trails in Ripley County, Indiana.  Ripley County has quite a history including an old tavern, built in 1830, that had a trap door, secret room and tunnel that ran out towards Otter Creek where escaping African Americans could hide as they made their way up north to freedom.  The building now houses Napoleon's Restaurant in Napoleon, Indiana which is on the Fried Chicken Trail (love Southern Indian fried chicken).  Another interesting thing about Napoleon is that the woman who invented the fire escape lived there and she had her prototype installed on the outside of the flour mill in 1895 so that the locals could try it.  Didn't hear about anything bad that happened, so I guess her experiment was successful.  Anyway here are some photos Kendal took.  If you want to see more of her stuff, visit her Website at

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